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Welcome to Green Squeeze! Having found us, it is safe to assume the stress of a hectic daily-life leaves you wanting more hours in the day to be actually able to work on yourself. Our lifestyles have become such that anything out of a disposable container or a delivery is all that we are able to manage.

Attempting to improve on the contents of these otherwise unhealthy residents of disposable container- preservative, fat, food coloring, etc- we offer a simple, convenient and a quick solution. What could possibly be so simple, yet beneficial to boost of such healthy progress? - Fruits and vegetables. Concocting delectable juices from a variety of regional, seasonal and exotic fruits and veggies, they are assumed to satisfy the body's core needs.

Our juices, albeit not from handpicked fruits and veggies, but guaranteed fresh, allow a convenient way for a daily needed intake of nutrients dietary fibre, vitamins, minerals, enzymes that facilitate detoxification from a cellular level, elevate mental alertness contributing to unhindered function of the body and mind.

Our goal here is to offer a simple delicious way to integrate plant based health in stressful life. Our sincere efforts having led us here, let's drink; drink to clock work metabolism and to a healthy start to living a great life.

Our Procedure



While Mother Nature grows the fruits and vegetables ,of farmers accommodating the growth, we strive to hunt for chemical free produce, fresh, succulent and best quality to give a luscious experience to you.


The cleaning involves the age-old method of soaking and scrubbing with natural cleansers (salt), leaving the produce clean and damage free.The produce is now set in batches, allowed to air dry and ready for juicing .Now the dried produce is peeled and deseeded in a hygenic way.


The produce go into a juice press to extract the goodness of fruits and vegetables in the form of juice.This is done carefully in numerous small batches after which the juice is immediately bottled and sealed.


The above process is a daily ritual to give you the dose of delectable freshness you need .The delivery is almost made immediately after bottled and sealed ,giving you the boost of Mother Nature every morning.


1 Week

Subscribe for a week consisting 5 juice, delivered at your door step


1 Month

Subscribe for a month and enjoy the juices every day* at your door step


Each bottle is 250 ml. *Monday to Friday only

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